Rain in Paris

“Give me a cigarette darling”

“What are you looking at? Is it the rain? It’s pretty isn’t it. We’re going out later, aren’t we?”

“I’m gonna shower, I’ll be out soon, be ready to go.”

“That looks nice on you… you seem anxious, don’t be, I love these guys, they are just the best”

“I should’ve brought a bigger umbrella”

“You’ve been quiet darling, is everything okay?”

“You can tell me… you used to trust me, you used to tell me everything… don’t you trust me now?”

“Put your hands on my face darling, is my skin as soft as it used to be? You used to love it.”

“Make sure you tip him well, he had to listen to us”

“This is and they work for they are married”

“We’re not that old, don’t even joke, we’re still just in our 20s”

“Dancing? Darling, would you want to go?”

“He’s busy, he’s always writing you know, trying to break in. They don’t get him yet, its a whole thing, he’s brilliant.”

“Oh, my family is great… I don’t talk to them as much… I love it here though”

“You should’ve talked more Darling, are you okay? What’s wrong, you’ve said barely a thing all night”

“You can be sad with me – don’t be afraid, i’ll love you anyways, look at me, I love you, I do, please talk to me – don’t just look at me darling… where are you, are you thinking of her?”

“I know, I know, God, I wish she never existed, she’s just hurt you, hurt me, hurt this.”

“Darling, no no, its okay, don’t grit your teeth like that, its okay. What’s going on inside that head, I wish you’d let me know.”

“I didn’t want to go dancing either – we can always go another night, its raining anyways.”

“I’m gonna shower darling, you can come if you want to… its been awhile… I know though, you’re not so interested, I don’t take it personally, I promise.”

“You should at least change out of that wet shirt, here, let me help.”

“Darling… don’t cry like that, let me in… oh, baby boy, let me hold you, it can all go away, i’m here, I love you, I’ll always be here.”

“I have to go back home Darling, please come with me. You should see your family… your mom, they miss you. I talk to them and tell them you’re busy, but your mom looks so sad. I don’t think they understand… I don’t think I do, but we love you. We love you.”

“I’ll see you soon my love, it won’t be too long. Work on your writing, I’ll be a letter away, I miss you already, already so much. You’re so strong.”

Dearest, I will need to stay longer than I thought, family isn’t well, I love you.

Dearest, my Mom introduced me to some friends, she keeps complaining that she doesn’t have grandkids, she’s so funny, love

Dear, I’ve met some really cool people here, I never expected it, I think I’ll be here for a bit longer, mom still needs me

Dear, You should come back home and visit, I miss you

Dear, I heard about the book from a friend, I wish I’d heard it from you

Dear, He proposed, my mother loves him, he wants a big family, you know I always wanted that

Dear, I can’t talk to you as much, he doesn’t like it… He goes over these sometimes… remember that night in the rain?

Dear, Its been awhile. The first started kindergarten. I heard about the new book – they are calling you a new type of writer – do you have everything you ever wanted now?

Dear, They just graduated, they are so beautiful. I don’t see their father anymore, he cheated, I did too… I’m not sure of anything anymore, except I love my children… but they are grown.. I miss you.

Dearest, I’m coming back to Paris for a weekend, can I see you?

“It’s still raining… its like everything has been left in the same place waiting for me”

“I’m leaving him… mom says I need time alone… what do you think?”

“I can’t stop myself darling, its okay, don’t stop yourself, its okay.”

“I’m leaving tomorrow… I wish you’d come back. Where were you my whole life? We’ve lost so much time.”

“Goodbye my love, goodbye….  I’ll see you when it rains in Paris again.”

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