I just want her so badly. I want her skin, I want her voice, I want her love and her trouble. I want the warmth from her heart. I want her soft eyes, I want her sway, her lust, her heat, her broken celibacy, her fairytale. Mustn’t there be a future where our fairytales exist? Leave him, leave them all, walk with just me, walk with me and love me and I promise we’ll never be bored, and I can promise you’ll never lack love and loyalty and I promise you every moment from now until the end your life will seem a story. 

Do you want more? Must I be invincible to pain? Should I bow my head lower and say I am broken with you? Would you have me fall? Is it love to fall where you’ve fallen for the sake of the fairytale?

I just want you. I want you so much. Bodies can only get so close. I want to fall into you. Where are you now? If I drifted into space and fell asleep, in a million years when I’ve drifted past stars, would you be there? Where does the love all go? Where can I find you?

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