Motionless Love

His corpse rolled down the hill far from view and went forever from the world. But for the corpse – the world abandoned him. It was dark, sounds around him like people shuffling he couldn’t make out, leveled breathing and everything should have been cold, but it wasn’t. Beside him he felt a body, soft and clawing with deep breaths at his skin; its sharp nails dug and drew warm blood across the both – and they couldn’t have been cold.

It was dark, but it didn’t last. A light above them came on and went out, flickering like a candle. It was green, or orange, or yellow, or red – his corpse had no eyes to tell. Sweet words came into his ear and drifted away forever through the blown out side of his skull – the body spun them into the airless night and when the light flickered nothing moved.

His corpse knew from nothing but instinct that this world too would go, leaving him alone. The body pulled back and wove between the echoes of the light, freezing its shape in a new location whenever the light was red. He followed it when the light would allow. 

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