New Life

Is it good reason to harm yourself to love another?

Where in the country I inhabit I do so seldomly, I solo landscapes unenumerated, no creatures flee my engine.

What craze overtakes state lines and rides long rivers.

And all for what?

A beautiful day, an old one, long ago, carried in these treads sketched against the asphalt.

When delivered we love, we love until forgotten, but here amongst the country am I reminded.

Mountains make no mortal promise.

Their gentle bow to the sea stands impersonal.

Tell her across a world is hidden a happiness to pluck.

Her careless reach carves godless canyons.

My lovescape made poetry.

No storm could weather deeper.

An age between coasts.

What whispers translate through Eastern forests, Kansan flats, Californian Utopia are lost

In time I’ll return to my country to find these orphan voices.

I won’t now live amongst them.


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