Yesterday’s Lovers

All I ever wanted was to love and be loved, by you. It’s only a beautiful tragedy now. I want so much to ask for you to kiss it and say some loving words so the story could go on some more – but I don’t think you will. I think if I asked I’d be left longing for something that doesn’t exist. So I won’t ask.

I don’t feel like I can talk to you about anything anymore. This is my last attempt, and my last letter. I want you in my life. But not like this. This is too hard.

If you can’t lose me, now is the last chance to tell me. If the passion exists somewhere, fight for it for a moment and tell me you love me. These are the moments that make ‘meant to be’.

But if it’s too much for you, if the thought exhausts you, then let it be over. I don’t want your love if I have to pry it from you. I won’t hurt you, and won’t be hurt anymore.


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