Rum & Rosebuds

Give her a reason to think it wouldn’t matter if she died. Let her alone most hours to brew on the things you’d be brewing on if she weren’t. It’s best to treat the love of your life in the way that’ll make them think you’re the love of their life. Forget them for long hours. Let them watch the lids of your eyes like an undawned horizon.

Pound liquor make it dumber.

Tell your girl who isn’t your girl you love her and leave her so she loves you even more. Months later tell her you want her tell her you can’t do without her and she’ll be there and she won’t hate you much. You, two young lovers, caught on the future, how could it disappoint?

Come on I need more.

Its 3 A.M. feel in that empty space what could be her heat and feel where you’d lay your hand on her cheek and what you’d give up saying with words and give her lips. Think in a month what you’d do when you’re back home and you feel that temptation always that temptation. Is it good temptation or is it bad? How far can empathy be tested on broken girls and boys?

Send the caskets out amongst rosebuds. Pour rum over their wounds. Let them ride the river till they meet the horizon and catch aflame along the rising sun.

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