Her an’ Him

You stay up late enough you’re bound to start thinking about a girl in particular. What I’m confused about is why my girl’s got only a half dozen guys on her.


There’s a good girl who forgets a lot about the good boy who can’t forget a thing. He tells her he’s got a bad memory but really just for the old things. She doesn’t forget about the old things but the new ones like when he says he loves you those things she isn’t good about. Well she gets mad about the old things he can’t remember and he gets mad about the new things she can’t and they’re together ‘cause they’re at least confident they were at some point.

But they aren’t together they don’t talk actually at all and not for lack of wanting. He’s got 3000 miles west on her and she’s afraid of flying horizontal so she just goes about the other coast. And it’s not the 3000 miles that keeps ‘em wanting he thinks but she says it is.

Well 3 A.M. does her well and that’s when he thinks the best of her. And he doesn’t really know when he does best for her but she did call him once when he was drunk around 2 and said she loved him. Not those words, but better ones almost. So he thinks maybe around 2 until 3 she thinks a lot, and then maybe ‘round 3 she goes to sleep and then it’s his time.

But he knows sometimes there happens to be 3 hours between coasts and those 3 hours, he’s sure, are where the wanting comes on. He thinks you wouldn’t leave a fire alone for 3 hours, or milk on the counter, or children in the water, so how could you do it with more delicate things crossing so long a place?

Its that issue exact that he says is why he’s going along the country nice and slow with the summer. He’s gonna watch careful over delicate things till they’re out by Virginia and see then how they’d do. He’s got that decision to make, he’s got to figure if the big love like that is enough to melt the rest of him. It has been in the past, you know. But now’s never any time for days come and gone.

And he wonders what will follow along the country and what falls off and whereabouts her love will end and wether or not his already has. Would he have to kill her in Virginia or him in California or lose it ‘long the middle?

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