The Creature Beyond the Hill

He heard that shredding noise from over the hill again. He turned his head as it came over and wondered what creature was making it. It went quiet and he turned back to his toys, his trucks in the sand. The sun was warm, really warm, so he sweat and the sweat dripped down his arms and soaked the spine of his shirt. His mom was over on the bench looking at him every now and then but his brother and sister were off somewhere and she was looking for them and had other, more important, thoughts on her mind.

Well, the shredding came back and rolled over the hill and into his ears and his head turned and his hands dropped the trucks into the sand hole about a foot deep he’d been digging and he managed to his feet and began to walk up the hill just to see what kind of creature could make such a noise. He’d heard it before in the movies he was sure or something like it but he couldn’t put his finger on just what. Up the grass he crawled when his legs got too tired and wobbled too much. The sun went off his back from the trees upon the hill and he felt cool going up it till he reached the top and saw what must’ve been making the noise though it was silent.

And then again it started that loud shredding like a swarm of killer bees and it was a large machine no creature at all and then he remembered he’d been up the hill a few minutes ago and had seen it and been disappointed so he’d left. Well the shredding stopped and he turned around and went down the hill and found he was disappointed and remembered just then he’d been up that hill many times and seen the machine many times and each time he’d come to this point and for some dumb reason remember all those times but a step or two after he’d forget it all and be too caught up in his trucks to care anymore. His trucks were sitting right before him stuck in the sand and he wondered if the sun would melt the sand too much and then maybe trap his trucks and he was sure mommy wouldn’t get him another so he went over and made sure to dig them out. And then he thought maybe if the trucks were encased in sand she’d have to, so he buried them even deeper and waited.

He heard that shredding noise from over the hill again;

Each time he’d come to this point and for some dumb reason remember all those times before this but forget a step or two after. He couldn’t quite remember what it was that made him forget. And the shredding came on louder this time and he felt the shade come off his back as the sun came on and he looked above him and saw a big tree disappear down the other side of the hill. He crawled up and saw on the other side that big machine eating the tree and he rushed down to save it and grabbed onto its roots and pulled and pulled because he knew even though he liked the sun sometimes he liked the shade when he had to climb up the hill. Well the shredding came again and the tree went in and so to did he and in not a couple seconds he’d come out the other side with the tree made to dust but it was okay cause he blew on the dust just once and it went all over the sky and turned it all to shade and then he didn’t have to worry about the sun so he went back to the sand and dug out the trucks and didn’t ever think of the creature beyond the hill again.

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