Familiar Flame

Back to an old room where i’d hung myself I feel course through me a familiar flame

Here amongst the humid skies I’m lost wandering

To whom am I enslaved

And I wouldn’t give it language lest it take up the page and drown out the heat born

But it speaks through my self-destruction, those neglected child

Let the fan spin faster let the blades cut deeper let the air cool and the hum find rhythm till there’s nothing to say about out of the ordinary

Here the boys go running and the girls come chasing and somewhere in the heat do they blur

And my heart it’s beating and my pulse it’s pumping and my god give me a blade

Anywhere we roam isn’t far enough

As the oil runs low

As the fire calms

As the rumble echoes

As July cracks

I’ve nowhere to go but the dark side of the moon – be there from her

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