Gold’n Days

The first girl I told her things that made her giggle and made me laugh at how clever and daring I was and she told me everything about what she likes in a man and how she likes to resist but be dominated at the end and I thought that was the horniest thing a virgin’s ever said. She says I’m hot as Hell.

And the second told me I was the guy who got away though we only fucked the once and I wasn’t so great cause my dick got nowhere past ¾ and my hands helped me out, helped her out, helped us both, but I never thought it was so wonderful. But she dreams of traveling with me and is going to get a ticket to come to San Diego and I’m going to fuck her until I don’t care about J anymore or being sweet and young or Victoria’s.

And the third she told me I was special and impossible to live without and she wants to talk to me and cuddle with me and she says the right things every time, every time I think about her I want to just be with her and I hope for the flaws that sting to have ironed themselves out but change doesn’t happen to 20 year olds. I should say I could see myself loving her.

And the fourth girl she misses me so much, so badly, she wants me in her life, and I always leave it. And I’d never know it cause she gives me a beet heart and lets me play with it while her hearts runs off to nowhere and she tells me she could see herself settling down with me and being happy with me in the future. Oh, do I love you…

And the fifth girl I haven’t met and she’s telling me about how she writes but doesn’t share and she’s afraid of people and her voice is slow and low and her bangs rock her eyes and she looks at the ground a lot and she’s from the world at large

I can’t concentrate near the end when I’m damn close to finished and am running through the visions picking the right scene like flipping through fables to find the right lesson to excise the devil out of the children well all these girls run through my head before my knees lock and my ass clenches and my jaw tightens and my head rolls in ecstasy and my hands loosen and I’m their God for a while, look at me, look at them, look at me

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