Evil God

[In Virginia I met a religious couple that showed me God in their eyes and told me we had strayed and he was waiting for us to return to our perfection with him. All that can go to hell – Either we are perfect as is, or God is imperfect.]

My god sins

My god is aflame and won’t put it out, my god is beautiful too, my god is born of my blood, my god kills and adores, tragedy follows him, he’s no less.

I commune with a heartless god and feel myself known. What is has been. No pain no terror no torture less than a minute in heaven. Hell meets in all places, between them do I inhabit

Here I speak with you, god do you answer? Am I dirty? Do we venture towards the dark, together? What unknown you’ve made do we fear? That unknown do we conquer? I do hate you, and you me, be it perfection, be it damnation, rivaling me undoes you. We are akin. Excise on the streams my veins, here be the dead, you filthy god.

No evil passed your gates. Yet here you be. In fire is warmth. Must I grow cold to be loved?

Demons crawl over, I’m in love

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