Coming to Her Day 2

Another night not long after he hung with her and her friends and had plans to get dinner with her but ended up getting it with all of them and they all saw a show and many hours later found their way with a little sangria back to her apartment and he did his charming thing he’s good at when there aren’t too many people and they liked him a lot and he talked with one of them whose birthday it was and they needed a place for a party so he offered his own even though he didn’t know them too well because he wanted them to like him because he wanted her to be happier. She loved it and loved him and said sweet things and said that she was gonna write about him because he was so amazing and he actually felt it for a bit and went home and looked into the sky and felt in only his briefs the air cool that tempered on his heat and at home and thoroughly in love with his life. She was happy and he was too and he told her she could stay after the party and she said she would and he should’ve told her the just wanted to cuddle with her but he didn’t because he wanted her to want him on her own.

He wrote something called Shape of Your Body about loving and when he’d wake up he’d think it was bad and wrong that he could even think she didn’t love him like that. And by the end of that day he’d see it change again.

Sleep came and he thought nicely how the next day she’d be with him and the sheets would smell like her and he’d sleep well with her and then what it meant to be a handsome college boy wouldn’t be at his fingertips for another night.

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