The Dog & The Cat

The Dog & The Cat || 21st Century Fables

Around the pond, where all the creatures came to quench their thirst when the sun shone brightest and hottest, the dog came and looked into the water’s edge. In the reflection he saw a grand creature, fierce and brutish, and he was so scared that he stepped back and spun around him to defend himself, barking loudly and disturbing the waters.

From the other side of the pond, the cat looked up from her secret part of the pond and saw the worried dog spinning alone. After wondering if she should let him be, her nurturing feelings overcame her and she spoke to the dog surely, “It’s only you, don’t be afraid.”

The dog calmed for a moment enough to bark back briskly, “And what do YOU see?”.  The cat walked around the pond with ease, balancing on the stones by the edge until she reached the dog and said with confidence- “whatever I want to see”

The dog stepped back towards the pond carefully and looked again, expecting to see the beast, and instead saw a frail, sad looking creature with bent ears and darting eyes. He looked away quickly to the cat and said dismissively, “I don’t understand, I see something else now. I think it’s broken. Look with me.”

The cat walked over and looked in with the dog by her side. Now, the dog saw a perfect image of the cat by his side, and next to her, a dog. “Is that me?” he asked the cat. She replied “Yes, for now. But if you leave you may forget and see someone else. Stay with me for awhile and it might remain”.

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