The Teacher & The Student

The Teacher & The Student || 21st Century Fables

The old teacher picked up his chalk and asked the student, “Tom, do you understand the question I’m asking?” Tom, having given up on succeeding in the class, muttered out his first words in class, “I just don’t know why it matters.”

The teacher crossed his arms in thoughtful frustration. He turned his back to the class and wrote up on the board, “Things Tom Doesn’t Think Matters”. He paused for a moment, letting the list sit empty for a moment before writing, “What The Teacher is Teaching”. He turned around and looked at the class with a smile.

Tom bowed and shook his head before standing up from his desk and walking to the chalkboard, much to the teacher’s surprise. Tom took his bare hand and wiped words from the board until the words what, is, and, teaching were erased. Tom went back to his seat and opened a book he’d been enjoying in his own time.

In a fit of anger, the old teacher shouted over the class, “And what do you think you’re doing?” Tom, feeling overly confident, responded slyly, “See, now that’s a question that matters. You’re learning!”

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