Everywhere I Look

Everywhere I look I do and don’t see you

Your hair was every color

So when I see

Girls with blonde hair

Girls with brown hair

Girls with red hair

I check and look away

Could they be you?

I don’t look too long

I can’t stop myself from checking again

From the dizziness

From feeling like – finally you’re here

From feeling like – please don’t see me

Because I want to see you

But I’m terrified if I look too long

It might be you

And my gentle daze

Will become sharp and clear

Like the sound of

heels clacking against a hard floor

That makes me shake

& makes me warm

Like the sound of you walking up my steps

Like the sound of you walking down my steps

The clack grows closer.

Behind my back.

I’m frozen in the chair.

Will it be you?

Will you reach out and touch my back?

Will I melt when you do?

The clack of heels comes and passes

So I’ll check one last time unsure if I’d rather it be you or not;

As the girl with blonde hair

The girl with brown hair

And the girl with red hair

Goes out of view

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