& me

Jack Gleason

This is where I should tell you about myself. So here’s my tinder bio…

Writer. Swimmer. Tatted. Looking for someone to vibe with.

I care about my family, my work, and my driving.

I’ve driven across the country 5 times, been to 15 countries, speak 3rd-grade level Spanish, and if I weren’t in college I’d be somewhere in Colorado, camping on a mountain.

The Stories I’ll write here will be tailored for the blog. The styles will vary. Sometimes it’ll be fiction, sometimes just untranslated emotion. We’ll see.

I’m 20 and 1/2 (if halfsies matter at this age), born in Virginia, living in San Diego.

Lit major whose taken more coding related classes than English ones, not that my website design would show that.

(2018) – 50k of a novel behind me – Passions of Children.

If you enjoy the writing feel free to hire me. Will work for international recognition.